Bifrost Communications, Denmark


Extending the range of fibre Networks

Bifrost has developed a cost and energy efficient, flexible and scalable method for Optical Transceivers. The goal has been to increase the transmission distance and capacity of fiber based networks. Current systems can expect to reach 10 kms from the central switch. We've extended it four fold to around 40 km, i.e. four times the range obtainable with current PiN photodetector based technology. This translates into a reduction of millions of dollars in costs for both Opex and Capex expenses. 

At the same time, it is possible to configure 8 x more users (256 instead of 32) on the same fiber, thereby allowing for improved economics of operations and investments for the telco / internet providers. BiFrost has been already been shown to have a global potential, and is compatible with existing fiber technology installed in networks around the world.

The heart of the technology is a channel selective receiver. It is capable of picking out 10 times weaker light than conventional receivers can do today. So, for the first time, multiple channel fiber-based internet to the home is possible. Bifrost offers complete flexibility for the internet provider and without the use of costly optical filters. The product functions perfectly with low-cost standard lasers, and is fully compatible with deployed fiber.

Bifrost Communications have embarked on the development and manufacturing of a TRANSCEIVER for the emerging NGPON2 market. We're hard at work to develop the first elements of the transceiver, that we plan to have commercially available in the early part 2019.

Prototype chips are expected to be available in the September 2017 time frame. 

Simultaneously with the chip development efforts, Bifrost is developing the BOSA / ROSA /TOSA, the optical elements of the transceiver. Initial design is in the final stages, and work is ongoing in sourcing standard components suitable for the Bifrost technology. 


Bifrost presents the following advantages of transceivers for the Fiber-Internet (access) market: 

  • Light detection at least 10 x better than its nearest competitors
  • Simplified electronics
  • Tunable without optical filters (channel selection rather like an FM radio)
  • Based on standard high volume components to keep costs low
  • Platform technology also applicable to any competitor’s solution
  • Disruptive and patented design

The Bifrost Communications website goes into more details of the patented technology and also provides the email and contact information in Denmark.