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Joint demonstrator of blueSPACE and 5G-PHOS at EuCNC 2019 in Valencia

  • Valencia Conference Center (map)

End-to-end fiber wireless technologies and high-capacity analog RoF fronthaul links for 5G mm-wave networks


BlueSPACE and 5G-PHOS will jointly demonstrate their latest development in Analog Fronthaul for high-capacity mm-wave 5G during EuCNC 2019 in Valencia.

This exhibition shows a joint demo from two projects, blueSPACE and 5G-PHOS, in the area of infrastructure for 5G networks that join forces here to showcase the hardware required to develop efficient A-RoF optical fronthaul networks. At the booth, blueSPACE and 5G-PHOS describe their progress and advances towards the hardware required in the end-to-end communication, including highly performance optical transmission technologies, mm-wave antennas with directional beams and BaseBand units for A-RoF communications. The hardware is presented in a live demo on the end-to-end technologies required to implement high-capacity and high-density fronthaul links for 5G mm-wave networks. The projects demonstrate the downlink communication of up to 400MHz OFDM mm-wave signals, i.e., waveforms compatible with the specs foreseen by 3GPP, transmitted through a pair of 60GHz directional antennas with 10o beam width and a multi-core fiber using analog radio-over-fiber transport techniques, aiming to show a viable path towards unprecedented end-to-end user capacities for next generation 5G fiber-wireless networks. The demonstration showcases analog fronthaul as a key candidate to serve future mm-wave 5G communications and proves the feasibility of analog transport of large bandwidth radio signals for mm-wave 5G NR with fully centralized signal generation and processing, combining the blueSPACE analog radio-over-fiber BBU with the mm-wave radio technology of 5G PHOS. 


The demo takes place at the joint booth of the two projects between Monday, June 17th 2019, 14:00 and Thursday, June 20th 2019, 18:00.