Report on the blueSPACE workshop at IEEE BMSB 2018 at UPV, Valencia in June 2018

The IEEE International Symposium on Broadband Multimedia Systems and Broadcasting (IEEE BMSB) 2018, the 13th in the series, was held in Valencia, Spain. The symposium is the premier forum for the presentation and exchange of technical advances in the rapidly converging areas of multimedia broadcasting, telecommunications, consumer electronics, and networking technologies. The official sponsor organization of the IEEE BMSB is the Broadcast Technology Society, one of the founding organizations of IEEE.

In the framework of the symposium, eight different workshops were organized by 5G-PPP phase 2 projects. The projects involved in the workshops were: 5G-Xcast, IoRL, 5G-Transformer, 5G-CORAL, 5G-Ex, NGPaas, 5G MEDIA, 5GCAR and blueSPACE. The blueSPACE workshop was co-organized by Salvador Sales (UPV, ), Simon Rommel (TU/e, @simon_rommel) and Diego Perez Galacho (UPV, @DieghitoPerez) and chaired by Simon Rommel and Diego Perez Galacho. Four different works were presented within the workshop, three of them based on blueSPACE concepts and results and one based on results of 5G PPP second phase project 5G PHOS. A full list of the workshop contributions is given at the end of this report. The presentations gave a comprehensive introduction to the blueSPACE project concept and objections and the achieved results to date. The valued contribution from 5G PHOS introduced the project and some initial results. The audience showed great interest in the blueSPACE project propositions as well as in all the presentations within the workshop and generated a lot of interaction with the presenters. The workshop showed both projects to include a similar approach in their proposition, resulting in increased interaction between the projects.

The attendance to the IEEE BMSB symposium 2018 consisted of 165 attendees coming from both public and private sector. The gender distribution of the attendees was approximately of 10% women and 90% men. Asia and Europe dominated the geographical distribution of attendees, a detailed graph on geographical distribution of attendees is shown in the figure below.

Attendance figures from the IEEE International Symposium on Broadband Multimedia Systems and Broadcasting 2018 at UPV in Valencia, Spain from 6th to 9th of June 2018

Attendance figures from the IEEE International Symposium on Broadband Multimedia Systems and Broadcasting 2018 at UPV in Valencia, Spain from 6th to 9th of June 2018

The workshop committee wish to thank the local organizers, IEEE BTS and 5G PPP for the opportunity to organize this workshop.
In a similar fashion to this workshop, blueSPACE has teamed up with a number of other 5G PPP second phase projects to organize workshops at IEEE PSC 2018 and IEEE CAMAD 2018.

Full programme of the blueSPACE workshop on ‘5G Infrastructure: Requirements and Enablers from Broadcasting and Multimedia Applications’ at IEEE BMSB 2018:

  • Millimeter Wave Hybrid Photonic Wireless Links -- Also for Broadcast?,’ Simon Rommel, Alvaro Morales, Dimitrios Konstantinou, Toms Salgals and Idelfonso Tafur Monroy, doi:10.1109/BMSB.2018.8436888
  • 5G mmWave networks leveraging enhanced Fiber-Wireless convergence for high-density environments: The 5G-PHOS approach,’ Sotirios Papaioannou, George Kalfas, Christos Vagionas, Pavlos Maniotis, Amalia Miliou, Nikos Pleros, Luiz Anet Neto, Philippe Chanclou, Muhammad Haj-Ali, Paraskevas Bakopoulos, Christophe Caillaud, Hélène Debregeas, Marian Bogdan Sirbu, Yann Eichhammer, Elina Theodoropoulou, George Lyberopoulos, Elli Kartsakli, John Vardakas, Guy Torfs, Xin Yin, Kostas Tsagkaris, Panagiotis Demestichas, Giannis Giannoulis, Hercules Avramopoulos, George Lentaris, Emmanouel Varvarigos, Idelfonso Tafur Monroy, Elad Dayan, Yigal Leiba, Ioannis Dimogiannis, Anastasios Kontogiannis, Roberto Magri, Antonio Tartaglia, Chris Roeloffzen and Ruud Oldenbeuving, doi:10.1109/BMSB.2018.8436713
  • Hybrid WDM/SDM Mobile Fronthaul Traffic Delivery using SDN-enabled Sliceable Bandwidth/Bitrate Variable Transceivers,’ Josep M. Fabrega, Raul Muñoz, Michela Svaluto Moreolo, Ramon Casellas, Laia Nadal, Ricardo Martínez, Ricard Vilalta and Francisco Javier Vílchez, doi:10.1109/BMSB.2018.8436815
  • Analog optical links for 5G fronthaul networks,’ Diego Perez-Galacho, Víctor Nácher-Castellet and Salvador Sales, doi:10.1109/BMSB.2018.8436768
Author of the report: Diego Perez Galacho (@DieghitoPerez)