"Exciting times for 5G Photonics in 2019" - blueSPACE Coordinator Idelfonso Tafur Monroy in PIC Magazine

The December 2018 issue of PIC Magazine featured a piece with the coordinator of blueSPACE, Prof. Idelfonso Tafur Monroy, talking about the exciting times ahead for 5GPhotonics in 2019.

Discussing the upcoming rollout of 5G and the changes that are already happening to the supporting fiber infrastructure, Idelfonso highlights the large role photonics can and will play in supporting 5G. With fibre to the antenna and novel technologies such as space division multiplexing in multi-core fibres and optical beamforming, the role of photonics in 5G will be much larger and more important than in previous generations of mobile networks – and blueSPACE is right at the forefront of development.

While 5GPhotonics is a key enabler for the next generation of ultra-high speed mobile networks, it is not only for mobile broadband and consumer connectivity that 5GPhotonics is key. Idelfonso further discusses applications as varied and futuristic as autonomous driving and collaborative robotics in the Industry 4.0 - both in fact key drivers for the major developments making 5G a completely different type of network than previous generations of mobile networks.

The full piece with Idelfonso is available to read online as well as for download - as is the entire December 2018 issue of PIC Magazine (read online, downlad).