blueSPACE initiates joint workshop on Photonic Technologies for 5G and Beyond at EuCNC 2019

blueSPACE has initiated a joint workshop at EuCNC 2019 in Valencia to be organized together with a number of other 5GPPP projects:

Photonic Technologies for 5G and Beyond 

Tuesday, 18 June 2019, 8:30 -13:00, room R1; Valencia Conference Center.

Future 5G networks will give rise to a wide range of new services addressing the needs of multiple vertical markets (such as connected car, smart-factories, and others). The 5G end-to-end network infrastructure will have to support extreme requirements in terms of data rates, latency, reliability, energy efficiency, etc, that need an entire set of new technologies to support it.

For the evolution toward 5G mobile connectivity, it is envisioned that optical networking and photonics, as an enabling technology, will play a major role in supporting the service and network requirements, while reducing costs through the introduction of novel converged fibre and wireless technologies. One key target for the underlying optical network is to support the distribution and collection of millimetre-wave radio signals, enabling the greatest flexibility for the accommodation of the wireless network requirements, while reducing the cost of the wireless access points (i.e., remote radio heads/antenna units at cell-cites). Moreover, new multi-access edge computing (MEC) will play a significant role of offering new services closer to the end-user.

Photonic technologies and devices allow meeting the demanding capacity and latency demands for 5G in ways that scale well to highly densified network deployments with low footprint and energy consumption. This workshop will address the role and relevance of photonic technologies to 5G and any future development in mobile networks.

With this workshop we intend to attract expert speakers and audience who will discuss the relevant photonics technology solutions – those developed by 5G-PPP projects, Photonics-PPP projects, and others – and provide a complete coverage of the 5G-related topics for which optical networking and photonics can play a key role. Such topics will include but will not be limited to: optical access network solutions supporting fronthaul, photonics for mm-wave 5G, energy efficiency optimized 5G, converged optical-wireless system solutions, flexible aggregation/Metro networks and network orchestration.

Projects involved: blueSPACE, IoRL, 5G-PHOS, Metro-Haul, PASSION, 5GCAR, SPOTLIGHT, 5GSTEPFWD