Meet blueSPACE at EuCNC 2019

blueSPACE will have a strong presence at EuCNC 2019

blueSPACE will be strongly represented at EuCNC and the co-located Gobal 5G Event this year in Valencia, Spain from June 17 to June 21, with a demo booth, a jointly organized workshop and a number of contributed papers!

Demo booth

blueSPACE will team up with fellow 5GPPP 2nd phase project 5G-PHOS for a live demonstration in the exhibition space of EuCNC and G5GE. Visitors will be able to see some of the results of both projects in a live demo with hardware produced by the projects. The demo will showcase the feasibility and value of analog radio-over-fiber fronthaul for mm-wave 5G systems.

This live demo will demonstrate some of the key technology innovations of blueSPACE, including:

  • Analog radio-over-fiber fronthaul for large bandwidth signals for mm-wave 5G systems.

  • The blueSPACE network architecture based on space division multiplexing optical media, specifically analog radio-over-fiber fronthaul over multi-core fibers.

  • The blueSPACE base band unit for analog radio-over-fiber fronthaul of large bandwidth 5G NR signals.

  • Converged fiber wireless transport for fronthaul and 5G NR mm-wave signals.

Of course the blueSPACE leaflet, blueSPACE concept paper, additional project information and informative material will be available at the booth.

Additionally, blueSPACE partner LioniX International will have an SME booth!

Workshop on Photonic Technologies for 5G and beyond

blueSPACE organises EuCNC Workshop on Photonic Technologies for 5G and Beyond on the 18th June 2019, between 8:30 - 13:00.

blueSPACE initiated this workshop which is jointly organized with a number of other projects from 5G-PPP and beyond: IoRL, 5G-PHOS, Metro-Haul, PASSION, 5GCAR, SPOTLIGHT, 5G STEP FWD. Dr. Josep Fabrega from blueSPACE partner CTTC serves as chair of the organization committee.

With this workshop we intend to attract expert speakers and audience who will discuss the relevant photonics technology solutions – those developed by 5G-PPP projects, Photonics-PPP projects, and others – and provide a complete coverage of the 5G-related topics for which optical networking and photonics can play a key role. Such topics will include but will not be limited to: optical access network solutions supporting fronthaul, photonics for mm-wave 5G, energy efficiency optimized 5G, converged optical-wireless system solutions, flexible aggregation/Metro networks and network orchestration.

The full agenda of the joint workshop is available on the blueSPACE website.

Contributed papers at EuCNC

blueSPACE is happy to announce that the project has four contributed papers at EuCNC conference and would like to thank all the partners and authors involved! Visitors are encouraged to seek out the following presentations: [updated with doi information 2019/08/19]

  • SDN/NFV 5G Fronthaul Networks Integrating Analog/Digital RoF, Optical Beamforming, Power over Fiber and Optical SDM Technologies, R. Muñoz, J.M. Fabrega, M. Capitani, S. Rommel, G. Otero Pérez, E. Grivas, R. Vilalta, R. Casellas, L. Nadal, R. Martinez, M. Svaluto Moreolo, G. Landi, I. Tafur Monroy, J.D. López-Cardona, C. Vazquez, D. Larrabeiti, D. Sanchez Montero. Session: FrA2: Fronthaul Design, Jun 21st, 8:30-10:30, Room 2. (doi:10.1109/EuCNC.2019.8802045)

  • Analog Radio-over-Fiber 5G Fronthaul Systems: blueSPACE and 5G-PHOS Projects Convergence, T.R. Raddo, S. Rommel, C. Vagionas, G. Kalfas, N. Pleros, I. Tafur Monroy. Joint paper with 5G-PHOS. Session: FrA2: Fronthaul Design, Jun 21st, 8:30-10:30, Room 2. (doi:10.1109/EuCNC.2019.8801979)

  • Experiments on Shared- and Dedicated- Power over Fiber Scenarios in Multi-core Fibers, C. Vazquez, D. Sanchez Montero, F. Al-Zubaidi, J.D. López-Cardona. Session: ThD5: Network Optimisation, Jun 20th, 16:00-17:00, Room 5. (doi:10.1109/EuCNC.2019.8802042)

  • Fronthaul Links Based on Analog Radio over Fiber, D. Perez Galacho, D. Sartiano, S. Sales. Session: FrA2: Fronthaul Design, Jun 21st, 8:30-10:30, Room 2. (doi:10.1109/EuCNC.2019.8802030)

We invite all interested parties to visit the joint blueSPACE and 5G-PHOS demo booth, to participate in the workshop and to attend the presentation of the contributed papers!