Achieving a 90% reduction in power consumption for 5G

The tremendous popularity of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, as well as cloud-based services for business and personal use, means that around 70% of users in Europe now access the Internet via wireless connections. Globally, about 1.6 Exabytes of mobile data was being generated per month, according to Cisco's Visual Networking Index (VNI) report published back in 2014. All this is having a dramatic effect on mobile network power consumption. Today, operators are spending an estimated $2 billion a year simply to power their networks, and basestations are consuming a high proportion of that budget. According to figures from Vodafone, basestations account for almost 60% of total mobile network power consumption, while 20% is consumed by mobile switching equipment and around 15% by the core infrastructure. A typical 3G basestation uses about 500W of input power to produce only about 40W of output RF power.

Breakthrough for blueSPACE partner LioniX International

Researchers from the University of Twente's MESA+ research institute and the photonics company LioniX International have developed the world's most narrowband diode laser on a chip. This laser represents a breakthrough for the fast-growing field of photonics, bringing applications like 5G mobile Internet and far more accurate GPS measurements closer. Research leader Professor Klaus Boller presented the research results during a scientific conference at Laser World in Munich.

Starting updates from blueSPACE mission control

Hello from the Flux building in the heart of the Eindhoven University of Technology campus. The blueSPACE project launched in mid-June 2017 and we're currently busy setting out the framework for what happens next. This website is a work in progress, but in the coming months expect to see more background information and articles about the role our project will play in the development of 5G wireless networks.

Thanks to the 15 different partners who have joined us from the beginning. We've been fortunate to assemble such a wealth of talent in such a short time. 

The blueSPACE team at launch time on the 19th of June 2017

The blueSPACE team at launch time on the 19th of June 2017